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Colloquium on Land Value Tax, held at the Westminster HQ of Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS)

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On the 15th Sept 2014, a colloquium on land value tax (LVT) was held at the Westminster HQ of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). The colloquium was attended by some 40 invitees, spanning senior figures from government agencies and the property industry, through to Think-Tanks, academics and journalists.

Please click on the link below to find the official press release from the event.

Open Debate on MONEY and INTEREST (to be held on 30th May 2014)

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Friday, 30th May 2014,

at 6:40 to 8 p.m.

arranged by the

Coalition for Economic Justice

See information below

that theIU has joined since 2008.



11 Mandeville Place, London W1U 3AJ

- by courtesy of The School of Economic Science -

few minutes walk from Bond Street Tube Station at Oxford Street


where Tommas Graves will open a debate about



Admission free


The Object is to review the proposals by "Positive Money" in relation to the state recovering the issuance of money from the banks, and to follow this with a discussion on limiting or eliminating Interest as proposed by Dr. Clive Menzies of 'Critical Thinking'



Hope you can make it.





Coalition for Economic Justice < www.C4EJ.com > was established November 2008 when 12 rather different organisations (see below) agreed to combine their efforts in striving to convince influential UK persons (journalists, academics, politicians, civil servants, and others) of the virtues of land-value taxation; meaning public collection of values created by nature and by the community. These values are due to various advantages human beings can have of locations when they produce what they need for their living and comfort and when they set up their homes or business.

What initiated the establishment of CEJ was the economic crises that in 2008 began pestering most civilised societies. Since its inauguration the CEJ has made important achievements; established contacts to politicians and civil servants; and raised (together with others) awareness among journalists and academics of the need for LVT.

When appropriate, CEJ calls a Steering Group meeting of representatives from the participating organisations who discuss and agree strategies, plan activities, and define and accept tasks. Sub committees are working between Steering Group meetings.

In order to keep members of the participating organisations updated about CEJ progresses, achievements and new ideas the CEJ calls occasionally for a General CEJ Meeting, such as the above mentioned.


Today Coalition for Economic Justice consists of:

Henry George Foundation of Great Britain (HGFofGB)

School of Economic Science (SES)

Systemic Fiscal Reform Group (SFRG)

Labour Land Campaign (LLC)

Christian Council for Monetary Justice (CCMJ)

Liberal Democrat Action on LVT and Economic Reform (ALTER)

Land is Free (LIF)

Professional Land Reform Group (PLRG)

Land Value Taxation Campaign (LVTC)

International Union for Land Value Taxation (theIU)

Taxpayers against Poverty (TAP)

Professional Land Reform Group (PLRG)

[Observer Status] Young People’s Party

[Observer Status] Green Party


CEJ Conference

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Establishing an Economic System that protects the Commons”

Wednesday, 24th October, 9am to 4.30pm
School of Economic Science,
11 Mandeville Place London W1U 3AJ

£20 (£15 concessions), including lunch and teas/coffees

Organised by the Coalition for Economic Justice.

What are the key economic issues of the day?

And what are the practical policy outcomes we need?

Come and take part if you wish to learn or feel you can contribute to the debate.


Break-out sessions:
The Taxation system;
Financial services and Banking;
Money supply and Interest rates.


The present economic system is dysfunctional in all these fields.  The result is exploitation of the population.  We need a society which embraces everyone.

As part of the second James Quilligan seminar series, we aim to hold full discussion on these issues with a view to reaching possible solutions that government could and should apply.  Excellent leaders for each session but designed mainly for contributions from the floor.  A detailed report containing practical policies that serve society for the common good will be produced for wide circulation helping to achieve the change we need.

Contact: johnlipetz@economicjustice.co.uk  (020 7794 5343) or peterchallen@economicjustice.co.uk  (020 7207 0509) for more information.

Book your place and pay (to cover the cost of the venue, lunch and refreshments and travel costs for James Quilligan), either Online at http://cejcommons.eventbrite.com/ or by post by sending a cheque payable to 'CCMJ' to c/o Peter Challen, 21 Bousfield Rd, London, SE14 5TP.

Course materials (which will be handed out at the session on Wednesday 24th October) can be found in the attached Word documents further below on this webpage.


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