All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Land Value Capture

Statement of Purpose:
To work in partnership with national and local government departments, land developers and others to create a forum for Parliamentarians and interested stakeholders to discuss and develop innovative proposals to capture increases in land value, for the public benefit.

The overall aim of the APPG on Land Value Capture is to be recognised as an influential and effective partner in the area of Land Value Capture for the public benefit; so as to ensure political commitment from the UK government and other sources to address the issues arising from shortages in the supply of land and necessary infrastructure for housing and its impacts on inequality and poverty in society.  

Key objectives include:

§    Raise political awareness about Land Value Capture and its role in addressing housing supply constraints and poverty in general.

§    Make addressing Land Value Capture a political priority for the UK government, all political parties and the international community.

§    Keep MPs and Peers informed with current and emerging issues in Land Value Capture and International best practice.

§    Hold regular meetings and events and so provide an opportunity for those with a common interest to meet and debate their views.

§    Deliver the aims of the Group and its members via a range of activities including informal gathering such as receptions, formal presentations by organisations at meetings, letter writing, tabling Early Day Motions and Parliamentary Questions.

§    Establish working groups to investigate and report on areas of concern

§    Liaise with other APPGs including the APPG for Housing and Planning and the APPG on self-build, custom and community housebuilding and place making; and where appropriate, work in partnership with other APPGs on cross‐cutting issues.

(Note: The Coalition for Economic Justice (CEJ) has been appointed to serve as Secretariat to the APPG. This web site is not an official website [or feed] of the House of Commons or the House of Lords. It has not been approved by either House or its committees. All Party Parliamentary Groups are informal groups of Members of both Houses with a common interest in particular issues. The views expressed in these web pages are those of the group - the members of which are listed below.)


 Sir Vince Cable MP  Liberal Democrat chair
 Richard Bacon MP Conservative vice chair
 Ruth Cadbury MP Labour vice chair
 Sir Edward Davey MP Liberal Democrat vice chair
 Kevin Hollinrake MP Conservative vice chair
 Caroline Lucas MP Green Party vice chair
 Nick Boles MP Conservative 
 David Drew MP Labour 
 Kelvin Hopkins MP  
 Stephen Lloyd MP Liberal Democrat 
 Tony Lloyd MP Labour 
 Seema Malhotra MP Labour  
 Chris Williamson MP Labour 
 Matt Western MP Labour 
 Baroness Jennie Jones Green Party 
 Baroness Alison Suttie Liberal Democrat 
 Lord (Richard) Best Crossbench  
 Lord (Chris) Fox Liberal Democrat 
 Lord (William) Wallace of Saltaire Liberal Democrat 

Next meeting of the APPG:

Wed 31st Oct – 3-4pm (ChurchHouse, Westminster, Abbey Room ):
Meeting with  Professor Gwartney (feasibility and methods for valuing land in the light of his professional experience in British Columbia and the USA)

Wed 31st Oct – 4-5pm (ChurchHouse, Westminster, Abbey Room ):
Press launch at Westminster for APPG on Land Value Capture report.

December 17, 2018 7pm – 9pm (Attlee Suite)
Xmas reception. Review of 2018 and agenda for 2019.

Record of Meetings and Evidence Sessions:

 4 Dec 2017

21 Feb 2018

21 Mar 2018

14 May 2018

25 June 2018

10 Sep 2018

Introduction and First Organisational Meeting
Transcript of Speeches given at APPG Organisational Meeting Event

APPG Meeting, Formal Parliamentary Inauguration

Oral Evidence Session 1 - on the role of Land Value Capture in Devolved Tax proposals (the City Mayor's Conference)

Oral Evidence Session 2 - on the 1961 Land Compensation Act, public land banks and community land auctions

Oral Evidence Session 3 on economic efficiency, fiscal stability and inter-generational equity of shifting tax from income to assets – property and land 

APPG Working Group to discuss draft of APPG Report 1

Written Submissions to the APPG:

Please click here to view the formal written submissions to the APPG.

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