CEJ Publications

The CEJ has authored a number of papers, some of which have been on the specific request of HM Treasury during our discussions with them.

These documents are the Copyright of the Coalition for Economic Justice.  They may be used with permission.

CEJ Publications can be found in the links and sub-pages below.

1) Reform of Business Rates (updated February 2018)

2) An Implementation Plan for Land Value Taxation

3) Principles of Valuation of Land for Land Value taxation

4) National vs Local Land Value Taxation

5) The Impact of Land Value Taxation on the Banking System

6) CEJ Working Group Report on the future of the OPDC

The CEJ has also produced a series of discussion documents on various economic policies. These are available here: Discussion Papers.

The CEJ has produced three draft Bills, which are offered as a potential starting point for creating a new Act of Parliament to introduce LVT in the modern day: Draft Parliamentary Bills.

A series of pamphlets produced by the Henry George Foundation (HGF) can be found on this page:

HGF Pamphlets

Further documents:

2016-03-23 House of Commons Meeting on LVT, Rob Blakemore

CEJ leaflet, uploaded by Rob Blakemore

CEJWGonOPDC01032018, Let's Supercharge the OPDC and bring ‘Singapore’ to Thames side, by John Lipetz, Andrew Purves and Ed Randall, uploaded by Rob Blakemore

REAL+SUSTAINABILITY+-+from+CEJ-PLRG+-+10092017.pdf, REAL SUSTAINABILITY, A response to the OPDC Revised Draft Local Plan (June 2017) - uploaded by Rob Blakemore