The Land Charter


The Land Charter encompasses a declaration of human rights in relation to land access (including access to the natural resources of the planet), and the most ethical and practical means by which these rights can be universally shared and protected.

The Coalition for Economic Justice (C4EJ) invites all civil society groups (including political parties and governments both local and national) that are willing to adopt and pursue the intentions of The Land Charter to formally incorporate it within their own demands for human rights, constitutions or other governing or campaign documents.

Please note that this charter is offered copyright-free and all are encouraged to use it in order to achieve its purpose.

The Charter

1. Nature provides free (with no cost to production) this planet on which we live.

2. All human beings have an equal right to use what nature provides.

3. When any individual, group of individuals, business or other association requires exclusive use of a part of the land surface of the planet they should compensate all others for the use of this exclusive privilege by paying the full rental value to the wider community through their government.

4. An annual levy on every site at the full economic rent of land would be considered an adequate method for achieving the aims of (3) above, together with the replacement of equivalent taxation on production.