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19th June  2019: Treasury Select Committee Inquiry into Business Rates discusses land value tax 10.26 to 10.35

19/06/2019:     Land for the Many: Changing the way our fundamental asset is used, owned and governed is an independent report commissioned by the Labour Party.

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John Humphrys - Land: Time to tax it? 7th June 2019

A land tax can be fertile ground for Labour Philip Collins The Times June 7th 2019

This Land isn't your land:how England privatised its greatest asset Jon Trickett new Statesman 4th June 2019

Want to tackle inequality? Then first change our land ownership laws George Monbiot The Guardian June 4th 2019

Luke Barratt (Inside Housing): NHF expected more from Letwin Review of housebuilding … Sir Oliver Letwin did not go as far with his review into build-out rates as the National Housing Federation (NHF) expected - 2 November 2018

ERR News: US think tank rates Estonian tax system most competitive worldwide … property tax applies only to the value of the land, rather than the value of real property or capital: 24 October 2018

Tony Travers (Local Government Chronicle): Hammond won't let the sub-national sort out tax mess … As the existing taxes are seen to fail, there are calls for more effective ‘land value capture’ from new developments and even a land value tax to replace existing property taxation, 24 October 2018

Jim Pickard & Judith Evans (Financial Times): Housing associations call for £42bn to build social homes … One of the main things we are asking for is reform around land and planning to enable land value capture, 16 October 2018

Michael Tichelar (The Guardian): Brexit finally brings a chance for land reform … to revisit the question of land reform and recoup for the community the obscene increases in the value of land when private owners get planning permission to build, 11 October 2018

Joey Gardiner (Planning Resource): How Cambridgeshire's land value capture mechanism will work … A new land value capture mechanism has been announced by a combined authority, but experts say its implementation faces challenges, 4 October 2018

Luke Murphy (Red Pepper): Wealth inequality is skyrocketing and the housing market is out of control. It’s time to tax the land … wealth inequality, a poorly functioning housing market, an economy focused on unproductive investment and macroeconomic instability are all negative consequences of our current treatment of land within the UK economy, 27 September 2018

Jules Birch (Inside Housing): Time for land to be treated as a precious resource … The £13bn profit made by landowners in England in 2016/17 is up £4bn on 2014/15, thanks to a huge increase in residential land values in the past two years, 24 September 2018

Markets Insider Press Release: Meet the People Launching some of the First Georgist Political Parties in Decades … innovative new mechanisms to facilitate productive investment in capital and wages instead of land speculation and debt-fueled consumption, 17 September 2018

Michael Donnelly (Planning Resource): Landowners made £13bn pre-tax profits in 2016/17 on planning permission value rises, report claims … a report that calls for public authorities to be allowed to capture more of this money for affordable homes and infrastructure, 19 September 2018

Laura Hughes (Financial Times): Call for UK business rates to be replaced by land value tax … Lib Dem leader Vince Cable attacks ‘tax on productive investment’, 19 August 2018

Leader (The Economist): Overhaul tax for the 21st century … A more radical approach would be to introduce a land-value tax, the most efficient of all property taxes and one with a long liberal heritage, 9 August 2018

Letters (The Guardian): Council tax must be replaced … sourcing so much of our public revenue from income, profit and transactions requires a velocity of economic activity that is ecologically unsustainable, 5 August 2018

Larry Elliott (The Guardian): Scrap council tax - wealthy homeowners must pay more … the time has come for a land value tax to redistribute wealth and help fix our broken housing market, 2 August 2018

Fiona McIntyre (New Civil Engineer): Londoners to fund Crossrail 2 in new proposal … TfL is already looking into a land value capture system to fund the mega-project, meaning property owners whose homes gain value due to Crossrail 2 would pay a levy, 31 July 2018

Stephen Meintjes (Business Day): Charging of land rent by the state and distributing the income is fairer … economic activity will be stimulated once the community begins to collect rent on the value it creates and reduces taxes on production and consumption, that is, economic activity, 16 July 2018

Lois Lane (Politics Home): Five steps to fix the rural housing crisis - Campaign to Protect Rural England … the government may also wish to consider more comprehensive forms of land value capture, as suggested in their ‘Supporting housing delivery through developer contributions’ consultation paper, 5 July 2018

Jason Walls ( The IMF is calling on the Tax Working Group to introduce a land taxes in a bid to help give the Government’s KiwiBuild project a leg up … Calls for New Zealand to adopt a land tax are not new and have come from the likes of the OECD and the Productivity Commission before, 4 July 2018

Paul Nicolson (Church Times): Renters taxed disproportionately, campaigners argue … It is time for the landowners, landlords, and land speculators to share progressively for the common good the vast unearned increases in the value of their land, 30 June 2018

Patrick Diamond (The Independent): We need the left to come together and rethink taxation so that we can properly fund crucial public services … Instead of making the case for tax as an instrument for attacking the rich, the rhetoric must return to the argument that tax is the down payment we make for living in a decent and fair society, 10 June 2018

Tim Worstall (Adam Smith Institute): A useful example of why we'd prefer a land value tax to business rates … We want people to improve their own land to the benefit of the rest of us - why tax it therefore?, 23 May 2018

Polly Cleveland (Dollars & Sense): How Colonies Can Liberate Themselves by Taxing Real Estate … if [Fidel Castro] had tried [land value] taxation instead of nationalization, could they have pulled off a smoother transition, while giving the U.S. less excuse for military intervention?, 3 May 2018

Heather Stewart (The Guardian): Calls for complete overhaul of 'unfit' inheritance tax system … inheritance tax … currently manages the uniquely bad twin feat of being both wildly unpopular and raising very little revenue, 2 May 2018

Catherine Cashmore (Macrobusiness): Will company tax cuts trickle down or trickle up? … A single component of the capital stock—housing (land)—accounts for nearly 100% of the long-term increase in the capital/income ratio, and more than 100% of the long-term increase in the net capital share of income, 18 April 2018

PA Reporter (The Scotsman): SNP and Tories team up to defeat Green call to scrap council tax … A land value tax is our alternative as it would levy a charge on the real economic value of the land, 28 March 2018

Jim Pickard (Financial Times): Senior Labour MP calls for £20bn a year in new wealth taxes … The hardest way to make money in this country is to go to work. The easiest way is to own capital, particularly housing but also other financial assets because you pay lower or no taxes on the appreciation of those, 23 March 2018

Martin Wolf (Financial Times): Reform council tax and close the generational wealth gap … Why should the gains of the propertied be less taxed than the fruits of enterprise?, 22 March 2018

Max Franks et al. (EurekAlert): Wealth inequality: Closing the gap by taxing land and bequests … land was ignored in economic studies of wealth inequality since the 1960s, though we have seen enormous increases in the value of land, 22 March 2018

Anthony Flint (City & State): How value capture can save New York City’s subways … it is not just a way to find new revenues for much-needed infrastructure upgrades: It’s also fairer, 12 March 2018

Sheridan Treger (Lexology/Berwin Leighton Paisner): A wee DRAM in the draft London Plan for transport infrastructure funding … land value uplift can be significantly in excess of the infrastructure construction cost, 7 March 2018

Alan Mitchell (Financial Review Australia): Relentless disruption must drive us into the arms of land tax … a new national land tax on high-value residential property … would add to both the equity and efficiency of the taxation system, 7 March 2018

Sean Bell (Common Space): 'Council Tax has to go' … Property wealth is a greater source of economic inequality in our society than income inequality, 5 March 2018

Lucy Fisher (The Times): John McDonnell says Labour backs levy on land to replace council tax … Cuts to local government have rendered Britons open to radical solutions … an opportunity had arisen to hold “rational” debate, 27 February 2018

David Dewar (Planning Resource): Labour moots land value tax as a solution to council funding crisis … Labour is considering a tax on land values as a way of boosting local government budgets, 23 February 2018

Anne Perkins (The Guardian): Labour says land value tax would boost local government budgets … funding crisis in local services may have opened window of opportunity, 22 February

Caroline Lucas (The Guardian): Change taxation to build a better society … we need radical voices outside the Labour party to ensure that progressives continue to seek bold solutions to the many crises we’re facing, 18 February 2018

Coalition for Economic Justice Working Group report on the Old Oak and Park Royal Development Corporation published - recommending important steps to supercharge the Mayoral Development Corporation so that it can make the most for London and the UK of the most important new transport hub in Britain, 1 March 2018

Campaign to Protect Rural England: Brownfield registers identify land for more than 1 million homes … how wide of the mark the Government’s estimates of brownfield capacity have been, 12 February 2018

Lincoln Institute of Land Policy: Lincoln Institute of Land Policy launches global campaign to promote land value capture … Implementing land value capture has never been more important to the future of cities and towns large and small, 7 February 2018

Scottish Federation of Housing Associations: Planning Bill must commit to longer-term housing investment … land value capture (LVC) can do more to increase the delivery of homes and better places, 7 February 2018

Michael Donnelly (Planning Resource): Labour land value plan 'would cut housing construction costs by a third' … enabling the state to acquire land at cheaper rates would cut the cost of building new housing by over a third, 7 February 2018

Tom Copley (CityMetric): The UK needs to rethink its local taxes. It’s time for land value tax … The most expensive property sold in the UK in October last year went for just shy of £16m in Westminster. The cheapest was £18,500 in County Durham. The owner of the Westminster property would pay just £250 a year more in council tax than the owner of the County Durham property, 16 January 2018

Tom Copley (CityMetric): The UK needs to rethink its local taxes. It’s time for land value tax … The most expensive property sold in the UK in October last year went for just shy of £16m in Westminster. The cheapest was £18,500 in County Durham. The owner of the Westminster property would pay just £250 a year more in council tax than the owner of the County Durham property, 16 January 2018

Laurie Macfarlane (for the Scottish Land Commission): The housing land market in Scotland … despite the compelling economic case for land value taxation, the policy has struggled to gain political traction in the UK and many other advanced economies, 16 January 2018

Adam Zucheti (mybusiness): Goods and Services Tax rise a ‘stupid panacea’ … Australia was a tax haven in the 19th century when the Crown’s revenues came from land – it can be again, 16 January 2018

Philip Clarke (Farmers Weekly): Time to shake up farm tax reliefs and subsidies … Brexit provides a great opportunity to reform the tax regime … you could also use the taxation system to reduce the concentration of land ownership in fewer hands, 8 January 2018

Sarah Colenbrander & Denise Chan (International Institute for Environment and Development): Financing sustainable infrastructure: a tale of two cities … Two pioneering cities – Hyderabad and Kampala – have successfully experimented with new ways of raising money, offering promising lessons for cities around the world … innovative public-private partnership using mechanisms to capture land value, 5 January 2018

Brian Wilson (The Scotsman): Half of Scotland is owned by just 500 lairds … land value tax is an old idea whose time has come, 22 December 2017

Sally Thomas (Inside Housing): We need to capture land development value for the public good … developers – rather than communities – continue to wholly benefit from the uplift in land values generated by development, 14 December 2017

Christopher Brigstocke (City AM): Here’s how the Mayor’s London Plan could use public infrastructure projects like Crossrail 2 to plug the funding gap and build more affordable homes for the city … eight prospective TfL projects costing £36bn, including Crossrail 2 and the Bakerloo line extension, could generate a land value uplift of £87bn, 9 December 2017

Kate Macintosh (The Guardian): Here’s how we can fix Britain’s housing crisis … the cause of the so-called “housing crisis” is not a lack of accommodation but a malaise of acute mal-distribution, whereby those with the financial muscle over-consume in an orgy of “buy to leave” while social cleansing and rough-sleeping escalates, 8 December 2017

Chris McCall (The Scotsman): Land reform ‘essential’ to solving housing shortage in Scotland … the public sector should intervene to improve the operation of the market and increase the supply of land for new housing, 7 December 2017

Richard Partington (The Guardian): Landowners reap benefits of soaring British land prices … Britain’s landowners have emerged as the biggest winners from the country’s largest yearly increase in national wealth on record, sitting on assets accounting for more than half of the net worth of nearly £10 trillion, 5 December 2017

Michael Savage (The Guardian): Tony Blair backs Labour’s ‘land value tax’ to tackle housing crisis … the new tax, which sees the value of underlying land taxed rather than property, should replace council tax and business rates to create a “fairer and more rational system of property taxation”, 3 December 2017

Serban V.C. Enache (Splice Today): One Bank to Beat them All. Imagining a better world … Taxing the value of natural monopolies (the land-value tax), and not taxing labor, consumption, and man-made things (goods and improvements to the land), 21 November 2017

Monidipa Fouzder (Law Society Gazette): Budget preview: Stamp duty in chancellor's sights? … there is ‘near consensus’ among economists and policy experts that an annual property or land value tax, or an improved version of council tax, could raise the same revenue as stamp duty, providing incentives aligned with housing policy objective, 20 November 2017

Common Space: New data shows the cost of private renting has got “out of control” in Scotland … Social housebuilding can be made significantly cheaper by legislative change such as land value capture and compulsory sales orders which will reduce the cost of land in the construction process, 14 November 2017

Joe Bourke (Liberal Democrat Voice): Launch of All Party Parliamentary Group on Land Value Capture … the taxation of land is the most economically efficient and rational form of taxation, the least open to evasion and avoidance and the most relevant to contemporary needs such as better utilisation of land for housing, 13 November 2017

Carol Wilcox (Financial Times): Land value tax would create a virtuous circle … increased public spending would lead to increased land value, leading to increased land value tax, leading to increased public investment — a virtuous circle, 10 November 2017

Laura Sharman (LocalGov): Report calls for land market reform … Reforming the land compensation rules, and enabling local authorities to purchase land at prices that do not reflect prospective planning permission, would loosen up the land market, prevent hoarding and douse speculation, 10 November 2017

Emily Ashwell (New Civil Engineer): Reworked Crossrail 2 plans submitted … considering a new land value capture model to help fund the £31bn scheme, 8 November 2017

Noah Smith (Bloomberg): Faster Growth Begins With a Land Tax in U.S. Cities … a land-value tax is an efficient and fair way to take a city that now works only for lucky prosperous landowners, and turn it into a place where the working class can afford to make a decent life, 24 October 2017

David Leam (Construction News): London's 5 biggest infrastructure challenges … where additional funding streams can be found … From the land value capture ideas being explored by TfL through to fiscal devolution, 21 September 2017

John Simpson (Belfast Telegraph: Scottish devolution can give NI food for thought … how the new Land Commission can influence the supply and cost of land for housing and the potential for "some form of land value-based tax", September 19 2017

Rajesh Kumar (New Delhi Pioneer): Cities to grow taller, faster … help in Value Capture Finance (VCF) through innovative urban development funding and revenue generation … by tapping a share of increase in value of land and other properties like buildings resulting from public investments and policy initiatives, 17 September 2017

Rail Technology Magazine: Developing London’s stations key to catering for population growth … [Land Value Capture] as a sustainable form of development, as a source of funding for new and improved infrastructure, as a means of creating mixed-use urban centres at transport hubs, and as a way of strengthening and connecting communities, 13 September 2017

John Digney (letter to the The Guardian): How to tackle the power of the aristocracy … The real solution is through the fiscal system by means of land value taxation … the only way to recognise the axiom that the land belongs to all of us, 10 September 2017

David C Stevenson (Money Week): Why taxation need not be a dirty word … three taxes that don’t currently raise significant sums for the UK exchequer: a carbon tax; tax on land value increases; and … inheritance tax, 1 September 2017

Adam Creighton (The Australian Business Review): Land levy an efficient and moral revenue raiser … Taxing the unimproved value of land, at a low flat annual rate, is the most efficient, and even moral, way of raising revenue, 28 August 2017

Judith Evans (Financial Times): Major land reform urged to fix UK housing crisis … through changes to existing legislation, local authorities and other public bodies could be given the right to buy land at lower prices than they currently can, in a move that would enable them to take a similar approach to Prince Charles at Poundbury — and thereby fund more housebuilding, 23 August 2017

Peter Apps (Inside Housing): Morning Briefing: could land reform help solve housing crisis? …While private developers are allowed to do this 'land value capture', public developers cannot, 23 August 2017

Brijgopal Ladda (Indian Express): Infra Project Financing: Capitalising on value creation … VCF includes a range of financing instruments used across the world: land value tax, fee for changing land use, betterment levy, development charges, transfer of development rights, premium on relaxation of floor space index and floor area ratio, vacant land tax, tax increment financing, zoning relaxation for land acquisition and land pooling system, 19 August 2017

Joseph Bebon (Solar Industry): Rhode Island Governor Celebrates New Legislation To Promote Clean Energy … “By streamlining permitting processes, simplifying land value taxation policy of renewables on farm lands and providing long-term stability to our renewable energy programs, we are taking important steps toward fostering a stronger clean energy economy.”, 10 August 2017

Cai Ordinario (Manila Business Mirror): Asian Development Bank expert cites benefits of land value capture for congested urban centers … LVCs capture the increase in the value of land generated by improved accessibility through taxes. These taxes are then “recycled” or invested in much-needed infrastructure projects that can improve access in congested cities., 7 August 2017

Jim O’Rourke (Inner West Courier Inner City): Secret report says Parramatta Rd could raise $2 billion from developers for the State Government … Jodi McKay, who battled bureaucrats for six months to have the secret “value capture assessment” report … said it was evidence the government favours developers over the community, August 7, 2017

Proshun Chakraborty (Times of India): Nagpur Municipal Corporation to tap source of avenues through Value Capture Financing … Once the VCF system is in place, the NMC will be able to raise funds from land value tax, 2 August 2017

James Palmer (Conservative Home): The Land Value Cap offers the chance of more affordable infrastructure … Currently, developers and landowners are the biggest winners from state-funded infrastructure improvements. The Government is very unlikely to recoup the initial cost of the project, 30 July 2017

JP Asher (The Comet): Could new garden cities following Letchworth’s lead help solve the housing crisis? Yes, say town planners in new book … The core value of land value capture which is reinvested into the community is still considered to be innovative and exciting to local authorities and groups interested in providing great places to live and work, 29 July 2017

Philip Davis (Engineering News): A Realistic Role for Value Capture … make the infrastructure funding mix more equitable by seeking more from those who benefit most from new infrastructure while reducing the burden on other taxpayers, 26 July, 2017

Edwin Loo (Financial Times): The secret of Singapore’s development master plan … a comprehensive system of land value capture … worked to create a virtuous cycle where development helps to pay for itself by unlocking the funds necessary to bring forward the infrastructure needed to support further development, 12 July 2017

Pat Sweet (CCH Daily & Accountancy): Welsh government asks public for tax ideas … suggested looking at a workforce development levy, sugar tax, sunbed tax, land value tax and a water tax, 4 July 2017

Adam Creighton (The Australian): Land value soars 13.5%, raises raises question of tax … “A land tax is not only harder to avoid and more efficient but also surely more equitable, since the ‘social dividend’ that accrues to land owners, particularly in our major cities, simply via the effluxion of time as growth occurs around them, is really impossible to justify”, 30 June 2017

Christopher Brigstocke (LocalGov): Capture it if you can: the billion-pound opportunity for councils … Land value capture – mechanisms used to monetise the increase in land values as a result of public infrastructure projects – is something that national and local government has been grappling with for a long time 29 June 2017

Tim Worstall (Forbes): Bengaluru Gets It Right – Land Value Tax To Finance The Metro … A metro station uplifts the value of the local land so why not capture some of that rise in value to pay for the station itself, 24 June 2017

Jon Stone (The Independent): Labour looks to replace Council Tax with a Land Value Tax … Party to launch a review into tax backed by many economists due to its efficiency, 17 May 2017

Merryn Somerset Webb (MoneyWeek): Sirius Minerals and the case for a land-value tax … Why should a group of people who have done nothing in particular – taken no risk, had no ideas, dug no holes – receive a huge windfall just because they happen to own land in the right place at the right time?, 16 May 2017

Michael Donnelly (Planning Resource): Tories pledge land value capture powers to deliver 'new generation' of social homes … to strengthen the ability of councils to capture land value uplift, 15 May 2017

Brian Feeney (University of Queensland): The missing piece of the affordable housing puzzle - taxing 'unearned gains' … Who is entitled to the increase in land value created by planning approvals, new infrastructure, population growth or the general development of town and cities?, 10 May 2017

Andrew Heaton (Property News): Land tax better than value capture … value capture schemes are less efficient compared with broad based taxes as they require greater precision in valuation and create more opportunities for corruption, 10 May 2017

Tony Rakhal-Fraser (Trinidad Guardian): Exploring the most equitable tax system … replacement of income, corporation taxes and even Value Added Tax with A Site Value Tax, 7 May 2017

James Buckley (CoStar): Labour vows to take on big business over rates … Corbyn said of a possible land value tax to replace business rates: "I'm interested in the idea... We are looking at it", 11 April 2017

Patrick Noble (Resilience): Reclaiming Commons through Land Value Tax, or a Wing and a Prayer … we also need to reverse the parasitic, rentier effects of enclosure and marry basic income to her true partner – land value tax, 11 April 2017

Laura Edgar (The Planner) : Royal Town Planning Institute: Approach to capturing development gain not adequate … The current measures to access rising land values do not benefit the public enough and are stalling housing delivery, according to the RTPI, 10 April 2017

Andrew Keith Walker (Renegade Inc.): Understanding Land Value Taxation … While productive members of society earn money to pay their taxes, landowners are unproductive earners who pay their taxes through land rent, which is paid by people who generate economic activity, 8 April 2017

Julia Park (Building Design): Is it time to tax land value uplift for community benefit? … uplift in land value has been taxed at rates from 100% in 1947 to zero today … a sensible level of taxation could help fund social infrastructure and affordable housing, 6 April 2017

Edwin Loo (Royal Town Planning Institute): Lessons from Singapore about land value capture … its system of land value capture and control over land is a model for the world in terms of its predictability, transparency and ability to ensure that the process of land development benefits society as a whole, 3 April 2017

Kirsten Lawson (Canberra Times: ACT Greens push government to investigate extending land tax to vacant rental properties … For too long the taxation system has benefited investors over home owners, contributing to housing stress for many Canberrans, 24 March 2017

David Donaldson (The Mandarin): Value capture framework to boost major project impact … Equitable, transparent, evidence-based…, March 23, 2017

Alex Tarrant (New Zealand Property): How NZ could fix property taxation, face down the NIMBY problem, overhaul the RMA and drive sustainable urban development – OECD Report … much of the recent increases in property values reflect rising land values rather than improvements; this suggests that land values may be the more appropriate basis for the tax, 20 March 2017

Michael Gray (Common Space): SNP conference backs call for land taxation to transform Scotland … bring down the extortionate cost of land purchases … and “stops land owners from hanging onto it for speculative purposes”, 18 March 2017

David Dewar (Planning Resource): How a plan to pilot land auctions would capture planning gain … a technical report by TfL last month which detailed options for land value capture models, 17 March 2017

Kate Allen (Financial Times): Rethinking the Economics of Land and Housing — theft and freedom (book review), 14 March 2017

Jacob Saulwick (Sydney Morning Herald): Parramatta Council proposes pushing ahead with value-capture scheme … an ambitious scheme to make property developers help subsidise the $1 billion in infrastructure needed for the fast-growing area, 10 March 2017

Christopher Cheung (Vancouver Tyee): Should Developers Pay to ‘Ride’ the Benefits of Transit? … Considering that it was the public’s investment in transit that lifted the land value, shouldn’t the public also share in that increase?, 7 March 2017

Keith McNeill (Clearwater Times):Tax the land, not the improvements … We pay too much attention on how governments spend our money and not nearly enough on how they get it, 7 March 2017

Robin H H Wilson (Financial Times): Tax gains in value from infrastructure projects … an effective means of taxing unwarranted gains in value to landowners stemming from government-funded infrastructure projects, 27 February 2017

Nicholas D Rosen (Financial Times): Instead of taxing robots, tax the land … if labour-saving technology reached perfection, labourers would get nothing and capitalists would get nothing; all production would go to the owners of land, as land would still be needed despite automation, 22 February 2017

TransportXtra: Tax land value rises to fund London transport projects … Taxing land value uplifts arising from transport and regeneration schemes would provide a new funding stream for transport infrastructure investment, 17 February 2017

ExpoTrade Press Release: Value Capture Looms Large in Victoria … not an additional tax, but a more efficient and fair allocation of benefits and costs, 15 February 2017

Wichit Chantanusornsiri (Bangkok Post): Land tax tweaked to spur activity … Resistance from big landlords, most of whom are influential, was so strong, 14 February 2017

Bill Batt (Times Union): Albany should consider land value taxation … a revenue-neutral tax shift to the value of the land alone would encourage investment and protection of these parcels and also foster development of the many vacant plots in the core of the city, 12 February 2017

Tim Worstall (Forbes): India's Economically Sensible Zero Tax Rate On Long-Term Capital Gains … we will be richer—more economic activity will take place—if we tax land and consumption rather than income and capital. 6 February 2017

Michael Donnelly (Planning Resource): Report recommends new mechanisms to capture land value uplift in London … London should be allowed to develop new mechanisms for better capturing land value uplift arising from major infrastructure developments and central controls should be removed on planning application fees, a report has recommended, 1 February 2017

Felicity Collier (Morning Star): Khan backs trial of land value tax ... the tax — which would replace existing property taxes — could result in more than 276,000 new homes being built on under-used land in London. 24 January 2017

Jessica Irvine (Brisbane Times): Here are 11 ways to improve housing affordability … Pretty much every economist agrees taxing land is the most efficient and stable form of taxation, 24 January 2017

Tom Copley (Greater London Authority Planning Committee): Mayor positive about Land Value Tax Trial ... the tax — which would replace existing property taxes — could result in more than 276,000 new homes being built on under-used land in London, 23 January 2017

Vera Sprothen (Wall Street Journal): Critics question Australian infrastructure spending … mechanisms to ensure that private real estate developers — not just the public purse — help pay for infrastructure, 12 January 2017

Harry Blain: Only developers, estate agents and homeowners will cash in on Crossrail … By 2025, 60% of Londoners will be renters – they pay for Crossrail through taxes and fares but have nothing to gain from soaring rents and house prices, 3 January 2017

Vandana Ramnani: Government now eyes profits from increased value of land around big projects … is likely to introduce a value capture financing model for all infrastructure projects in 2017-2018, 3 January 2017

Tim Worstall: An interesting and correct way to do housing taxation … to tax the value that society adds to the land, not what the owner has added themselves, 22 December 2017

Jenny Wiggins: Infrastructure Australia says tax land not property to capture value … governments [should] gradually get rid of stamp duties and tax land values over the long term, arguing it is the "fairest" way of raising money for new infrastructure, 13 December 2016

Sarah Marasigan: A tax we should all agree on … land value tax seems like such a no brainer but … real estate owners and developers have been getting rich off the status quo and have funded many a politician to ensure things stay as they are, 8 December 2016

Steve Skinner: Value capture to start sharing road tax load … rural landholders on the edges of cities … suddenly find themselves with a $40 million, $60 million dollar payday that we, the people, have effectively granted to them … when they haven’t done anything productive. They’ve just sat on the land. 2 December 2016

Andrew Heaton: Value Capture Could Be Mandatory on Federal Projects … The basic notion is that those who directly benefit from the project most should contribute to a portion of its cost, 29 November 2016

John Digney: We should shift taxation burden on to rental value of land … The value of land … is a publicly-created value, reflecting overall public demand for location, and is enhanced by the provision of publicly-funded services and infrastructure, 25 November 2016

Olusesi Isaac: Why Osun [Nigeria] introduced Land Use Charge … Land use charge is the single most salient way of attaining equity between tax payers, 20 November 2016

South Wales Argus: ‘Lift the fog of confusion around business rates’ says Assembly committee … willingness to fully explore the potential of alternative forms of taxation for business, including Land Value Tax. 18 November 2016

Government of Australia: Using value capture to help deliver major land transport infrastructure: roles for the Australian Government, 16 November 2016

Joey Garrison: How to pay for a $6B transit plan? Nashville chamber floats 7 ideas … The strategy of capturing land values would call for a special tax on property in designated areas around transit infrastructure that is to benefit from future transit expansion, 10 November 2016

Radheshyam Jadhav: New tax regime to boost Pune Municipal Corporation projects … The ministry of urban development is working to come out with a comprehensive Value Capture Financing framework for its efficient and optimal use across the country as a method of financing infrastructure and enhancing the finances of urban local bodies, 8 November 2016

Business Standard: Tapping value added to finance urban infra projects through innovative Value Capture Financing … Traditional resource mobilization through direct sale of land, the most fundamental asset owned and managed by States and Urban Local Bodies is an inefficient form of resource mobilization and the Ministry is keen about land monetization more effectively though value capture, 6 November 2016

Mark Sands: Abolishing these 20 taxes will help the poor, says the IEA … They would be replaced by simpler system that would include new taxes on land-value and an effective VAT charge on elements of housing costs including rents, while income and distributed corporate profits would be taxed at a flat rate of 15 per cent, 2 November 2016

MENAFN Press: Cities Address a Key Challenge: Infrastructure Needs … a municipality’s ability to benefit from the rise in real estate value generated by infrastructure improvements … the cost is [currently] paid by the government and the communities, but only private property owners benefit, 29 October 2016

Jenna Carlesso: Hartford Officials Discuss Hiking Taxes On Vacant Properties, Bushnell Park Area Considered … The goal is to tax people with vacant land at a rate that encourages them to develop because they're already paying as if they had a building on it, 26 October 2016

David Crowe: NSW land tax plan to reboot market in home affordability push … A key state has opened the door to a radical tax overhaul to ease the cost of new housing, raising the prospect of scaling back ¬onerous stamp duties and ¬imposing land taxes in order to free up more homes for a new generation of buyers, 25 October 2016

Anthony Flint: At Habitat III, a Rethinking of the Urban Development Paradigm. The concept of “value capture” surfaces as a possible path to more equitable growth … the concept of value capture may be the most conservative revolution in city-building at hand, October 21 2016

Adam Thomas: UD professor looks to experimental economics to solve land value taxation riddle … it’s a great way to raise tax revenue but it just doesn’t get used enough in the real world, 19 October 2016

Mark Wadsworth: How the Council Tax system can be easily tweaked to be much like a land value tax … Across the country, [Council Tax] is hugely regressive, with an effective rate of 30% or 40% in the cheapest areas and 3% or 4% in the most expensive, 16 October 2016

Herbert Barry: Federal taxation of land would be preferable to income taxation … taxation of mostly wealthy owners of valuable land is preferable to taxation of earnings and other income. 3 October 2016

John Lorinc: The promise and peril of land value taxes … one of those intellectually compelling policy ideas that suffers from insufficient take-up, 3 October 2016

Hannah Fearn: Here’s what John McDonnell should have promised Labour would do … a tax on the value of land would reintroduce a level of fairness into the housing market, stop developers hoarding land without building new homes, would remove the confusion and general moral outrage about inheritance tax and help fund public services, 28 September 2016

Tom Goodfellow: The UK is sinking deeper into property inquality -here is why ... capital is flowing rapidly into real estate. And increasingly, governments are waking up to the need to effectively capture some value from these investments, for the public good, 22 September 2016

Robert Dow: Light rail boosts values, who pays? … How can the Queensland Government credibly claim that it has no money for essential state-building projects … while at the same time, it lets hundreds of millions of dollars in untaxed land wealth walk out of the proverbial back door?, 22 September 2016

Tim Worstall: Surprise – EU Tax Collectors Think Apple Paying Lots Of EU Taxes Is A Good Idea … different taxes have different deadweight costs. Land value taxation has the lowest such, can at times actually be negative (if people are hoarding land in an unproductive manner), 11 September 2016

Andy Wightman MSP backs #FarFromFixed homelessness campaign with tax on derelict land … the Government should use taxation to change incentives within the property market, ensuring that people are incentivised to use land productively, rather than for lucrative capital gains, 6 September 2016

Dominic Frisby: How to make the Queen and our dukes pay their way: tax their land … If you want the right to occupy a piece of land, and you want the government to protect your title to that land, then a rent should be paid to the community that reflects the value of that land, because it is the needs of the community which have given that land value, 15 August 2016

Danielle Guaycong: The issue with taxation and inequality … LVT is impossible to pass on in the form of higher prices, lower wages or higher rents, 13 August 2016

Erich Jacoby-Hawkins: Poor taxation needs to be removed in order to let economy grow … a fair and just economy is based on using value created by nature and the community to fund government. They did this by fully taxing the value of land and any increase in land value, 20 July 2016

Fred Foldvary: The principles of a good tax system point to land value taxation as optimal … Taxes on income, sales, and buildings fail on the neutrality criterion. Only the land value tax passes, as it does not affect the land rent, Jun 26, 2016

Jamil Ghaznawi: Land tax to stimulate growth in housing sector … Lower land values will make development more financially viable and therefore stimulate additional activity … and revenue from the land tax will allow the government to undertake additional housing projects, 19 June 2016

Lisa Falconer: “We should be bold and ambitious” … an opportunity here to ensure that all land pays its fair share of local rates and that we move towards a comprehensive system of land value taxation, 9 June 2016