Further Resources

Member organisations have links and extensive further material on the merits of LVT.  Please click on any of the member links on the left hand side of this webpage to access the member organisation material.

In this section however, we draw your attention to key documents we think that will be useful.

The New Physiocratic League

The New Physiocrats are a recently formed political-economic framework and certification body, based in Canada which expands on the values of Georgism and the original Physiocracy movement.


Their book, The New School of Economics: The Platform and Theory Behind the New Physiocrats; explains their thinking.

A useful set of articles giving the background to land value taxation by Nikodemos and translated in English can be found here.  

Three Acres and a Cow

Part TED talk, part history lecture, part folk club sing-a-long, part poetry slam, part storytelling session…‘Three Acres And A Cow’ connects the Norman Conquest and Peasants’ Revolt with Brexit, fracking and our housing crisis via the Enclosures, English Civil War, Irish Land League and Industrial Revolution. The show draws a compelling narrative through the people’s history of England in folk song, story and poem.


If you are looking for a simple and straightforward introduction to land value tax visit 

Land Value Tax Guide, the website of Ian Hopton.

This video presentation by Dominic Frisby also gives a good introduction.

Thanks to Paul Knight for creating a playlist of the 16 top videos explaining land value taxation .

Dominic Frisby is at the top and Taxing of Question of Land second

This set of Parliament briefing notes on Land Value tax from 2014 gives a good review of the subject.

Koch Breakthrough essay Prize 2016 entries from members of the CEJ steering committee.

Essay from Tommas Graves of Land is Free

Essay from Anthony Malloy of Labour Land Campaign

Essay from Peter Bowman of School of Economic Science

Essay from Andrew Purves of School of Economic Science

We also draw your attention to the following documents of interest on member sites:

Who owns London?



         3 minute video: LVT and Public Infrastructure

        Two external videos have been included directly, below:

Further documents of interest can be found in the sub-pages below:-