CEJ Working Group Report on the future of Old Oak Common and Park Royal

You can download the CEJ Working Party's Report on the future of the OPDC here

The CEJ's OPDC Working Group was asked to prepare a response to the OPDC’s revised draft local plan, which was published at the end of June 2017, and - having done that - to go on and develop proposals, for publication, reflecting its evaluation of the Corporation's plan. It was tasked with making specific recommendations aimed at enhancing the Mayoral Corporation's ability to capture the uplift in land values in the Old Oak and Park Royal area and for utilising that uplift in land/location value to help achieve important social objectives, not least increasing the supply of affordable accommodation for Londoners. 

The goal of making constructive and evidence based recommendations about how the OPDC should be organised was powerfully influenced by the Working Group's knowledge of, interest in and determination to draw on the most inspiring and successful international examples of urban development, design and finance.